Dr Clare Tagg    

Clare is the partner responsible for consultancy.  

She has particular expertise in the area of qualitative research, innovative training schemes and software project management. Recent projects she has led include: designing and managing the development of a series of CDROMS to support basic skills teaching; designing and managing an integrated web/distributed database application; advising & training an organisation on the use of NVivo to analyse a large scale ongoing evaluation; delivery of a course on the choice of qualitative software; the design of innovative training schemes in software engineering management; evaluating the adoption of internet technologies within a group of secondary schools and the development of courses in qualitative research techniques.

She uses prototyping and object oriented techniques in software development and advises on the use and management of different systems development approaches. She has extensive experience in resolving the problems organisations face when moving data from old to new systems.

Clare has a Masters degree in Computer Science specialising in systems development and simulation. She lectures at Masters level in systems design and software project management with a special interest in the human aspects of systems development. She is conducting research into the gap between software professionals and management using a qualitative longitudinal approach for which she has been awarded a PhD.