Qualitative Research

Qualitative research has become popular in many different disciplines and computers are now frequently used to support that research.

Our services include training in the use of NVivo for qualitative research and contract research covering data collection, coding and analysis. We offer a project startup service to get your project up and going and train you in the parts of NVivo you need to know for that project. Later on we can provide advanced courses and master classes. (We are recognised by QSR International as trainers and consultants in NVivo.)

We aim to help users to become self-sufficient as quickly as possible by tailoring training and support to each user's existing expertise and need. We also provide free ongoing support (by email or telephone) to all our clients.

REMS describes a project for the Qualifications and Curriculum Agency (QCA). This was a large longitudinal project using NVivo for storing and analysing secondary data to provide evidence for policy decisions concerning education reform.

QSR International are the developers of NVivo.

Lyn and Tom Richards were inventors of the 'Non-numerical Unstructed Data * Indexing Searching and Theorising' line of software, started QSR and now, in semi-retirement, have gone back to doing research. Lyn is recommending Sage's Methodspace website for information and discussion about her publications and much else.

CAQDAS networking project is the Computer Assisted Qualitative Data Analysis project based at the University of Surrey

Strategies in Qualitative Research using QSR software is a conference series held at University of Durham, UK, (2004-2006) and at the Institute of Education, London, UK (1999-2003). The site provides information about the conference series and comprises abstracts and other material from previous conferences.

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