Qualitative research has become popular in many different disciplines and computers are now frequently used to support that research.

We have selected a number of packages which we use for personal & contract qualitative research. We support individual researchers and teams using QSR software (N6, NVivo7,8,9 & NVivo10), SurveyMonkey, Sphinx and mapping packages (Inspiration, MindManager & Decision Explorer). We are recognised by QSR International as trainers and consultants in NVivo.

Our services include choice of and training in the use of software for qualitative research and contract research covering data collection, coding and analysis. We offer a project startup service to get your project up and going and train you in the parts of NVivo you need to know for that project. Later on we can provide advanced courses and master classes.

We aim to help users to become self-sufficient as quickly as possible by tailoring training and support to each user's existing expertise and need. We also provide free ongoing support (by email or telephone) to all our clients.

The online resources include cases we've worked on, tips on using NVivo, articles we've written and links to other sites relevant to qualitative research and QSR software.