Karen Buchanan
Theory, Method, and Software: political ecology, qualitative methods and NVivo7

Chih Hoong Sin
Using QDAS in the production of policy evidence by non-researchers: strengths, pitfalls and implications for consumers of policy evidence

Sarah Edwards, Karen Miller, Sharon Millar & Clare Tagg
Early Adopters of NVivo 7

Karla Eisen, Izabella Zandberg & Susan Berkowitz
Incorporating NVivo into a Large Qualitative Project

Janice Fong
Exploring the use of QSR software for understanding quality – from a research funder’s perspective

Linda Gilbert
Tools and Trustworthiness: a historical perspective

Dan Kaczynski, Linda Gilbert & Melissa Kelly
Exploring the forces of application-sharing technologies upon NVivo: Promoting and Supporting adoption

Helen Marshall
What examiners like in a qualitative thesis & how software can help us deliver it

Lyn Richards
Farewell to the Lone Ranger? What happened to qualitative = small?

Sandra Spickard Prettyman & Kristi Jackson
Ethics, Technology, and Qualitative Research: Thinking through the Implications of New Technologies

David Woods
The Qualitative Analysis of Video and audio using Transana