Wednesday (13 September 2006)
Opening of the conference by Dr Lydia Martens (The conference organiser)

followed by
Opening Keynote by Lyn Richards (Founder of QSR)
Farewell to the Lone Ranger? On the trend to Big and Team research (with software, of course), and the future of 'qualitative'

Paper session 1a : Theory, Method and Software
Sandra Spickard Prettyman : Ethics, Technology and Qualitative Research: Thinking through the implications of new technologies

Karin Fisher : Challenges and experiences using grounded theory and NVivo

Andy King : Solving the researcher’s dilemma? Doing it ‘quick and dirty’ and ‘slow and methodical’

Karen Buchanan : From Grounded Theory & Discourse Analysis to Political Ecology and claim-making in socio-environmental conflicts

Paper Session 1b: Communicating Research with Software
Janice Fong : Exploring the use of QSR software for understanding quality – from a research funder’s perspective

Chih Hoong Sin : Using QDAS in the production of policy evidence by non-researchers: strengths, pitfalls and implications for consumers of policy evidence

Garcia-Varela et al. : Analysing educational dialogue using NVivo7 : Children and families sharing ‘new literacy’ practices

Thursday (14 September 2006)
Paper & Panel Session 2a: Exploring the forces of application-sharing technologies upon NVivo: Promoting and Supporting adoption
Dan Kaczynski, Linda Gilbert & Melissa Kelly

Crossing the Chasm: How do users of technology approach adoption?

Utilizing Application-Sharing Technologies in Qualitative Research: Considerations and Implications for Integration

Distance sharing technologies: academics and trainers shaping future mainstream adoption of NVivo

followed by
Panel Discussion : Tools and Practice for Virtual Teamwork using a software package
Led by Silvana di Gregorio

Paper Session 2b: Communicating Research with Software

Stuart Paul Robinson : Brain-based Learning and NVivo Training : A critical Connection

Karin Fisher & Trish Thornberry : Wanted : Support mechanisms for NVivo in rural areas

Plenary by Pat Bazeley
(Research Support Pty. Limited)
Many pathways, one package: using NVivo for different methodological purposes

Paper Session 3a : Demonstrating & recognising ‘quality’ in qualitative research using QSR software
Silvana di Gregorio : Research design issues for software users

Helen Marshall : What examiners like in a qualitative thesis and how software can help us deliver it

Linda Gilbert : Tools and Trustworthiness: a historical perspective

Paper Session 3b: Managing ‘big’ qualitative projects
Jessica Vince & Sara Butler : Managing Large-scale qualitative research – two case studies

Susan Berkowitz, Karla Eisen & Izabella Zandberg : Using Nvivo software as part of a multi-team analysis of in depth interview data in a mixed methods evaluation

David Woods : The qualitative analysis of video and audio using Transana

Discussion led by Adam Long (QSR Software Development Director)
Future technology directions and their implications for your research

Roundtable Discussions
Linda Gilbert (moderator): The "Lab Model" of Teaching Research: Exploring Possibilities

Friday (15 September 2006)
Paper & Panel session 4: The Relationship Node
Sarah Edwards, Karen Miller, Sharon Millar & Clare Tagg : Early Adopters of NVivo 7

Duncan Branley : Only Connect! Only Relate!

followed by
Panel discussion about the new NVivo 7 relationship node
Panel members : Lyn Richards, Duncan Branley, Clare Tagg, Linda Gilbert

Questions to QSR
Chair: Dan Kaczynski

Closing Plenary by Chris Thorn (Director, Technical Services, Winconsin Center for Education Research)
Are we there yet? - Growing maturity in qualitative tools and methods